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About Us

The engineering company Bona Fide Engineering LLC was established in October 2016 by a team of qualified engineers and managers with extensive experience in the operation and construction of large industrial enterprises in the fuel and energy sector of the Volga region: PJSC Tatneft, PJSC NKNKh, TAIF- NK ", JSC" TANECO ".
The company specializes in providing a full range of services for the implementation of innovative turnkey technologies in the field of automation of technological, industrial and business processes of industrial enterprises of various industries. The company pays great attention to continuous improvement of services, professional training of personnel, development of scientific and production base, building long-term partnerships with its customers.


Our Competencies:

  • Development of a concept, technical assignment for the creation of an automation system
  • Designing;
  • Engineering, software development
  • Pre-commissioning work
  • Maintenance;
  • Technical support, including 24/7 mode
  • Supply of equipment;
  • Assembly production of control cabinets
  • Small-scale production of REA


The company has the necessary permits for the implementation of current activities:

  • The certificate of admission to a specific type or type of work that affects the safety of capital construction facilities No. СРО-П-114-176.1-1650339240-30062017, the company's specialists are included in the National Register of Construction Specialists
  • The company is a member of the association of the self-regulating organization "The Commonwealth of Builders of the Republic of Tatarstan", reg. number SRO-S-014-23062009;
  • License # 16-B /00583 of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for the installation, maintenance and repair of fire safety facilities for buildings and structures
  • The personnel of the company is certified in accordance with the requirements for labor protection and industrial safety, fire safety, electrical safety, special works.

make new technologies available to customers

create a research and production center that has the capacity to implement large-scale innovative projects in various fields


You save time
We are constantly working to reduce the time required for the work, through the systematic training of employees, the creation of a single database libraries in the design, construction and installation and commissioning, optimization of business processes.

You save money
We will offer you the best prices for products through direct contracts with manufacturers of industrial automation: Prosoft, Telefire , Siemens, Emerson, Phoenix Contact, Rittal, Yokogawa, Krohne, etc. and not the high price of development due to the developed portfolio of projects and optimization of business processes.

You get a professional approach to work
You can be sure that by working with us, get the use of modern management tools projects, implementation of proven solutions for safe and efficient operation of implemented systems, independent quality control of services at each stage of project implementation, strict implementation of TK, design /working documentation, GOSTs, SNIPs, contracts, and expert opinion of our best engineers. We always act in the interests of our clients, based on the goals of long-term cooperation.

You get a full range of engineering services in one place
We provide the whole range of engineering services: design, installation, , commissioning, maintenance and repair, as well as supply of instrumentation and other electrical products. We are engaged in research not only in the field of automation of technological processes, but also in related fields such as non-destructive testing, modern human-machine interfaces, robotics and energy-saving technologies.