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Bona Fide Technology - Automation of production processes and operations
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The energy accounting system is designed to integrate data on the production and consumption of energy resources from heterogeneous and territorially distributed information sources on the basis of a single information platform, automate the processing of information on energy consumption, provide the necessary information on various management levels to support workflow management processes, provide consistent data for functional applications designed to solve modeling problems and optimize and energy consumption, improving the efficiency of energy consumption analysis processes by using historical data, creating a hierarchical data structure, expanding the possibilities for visualizing information, integrating various automation systems and additional software products.

Systems for balancing material balances

The system of dispatcher control of production processes provides automatic collection, aggregation, processing and archiving of a large amount of production process data, for subsequent presentation in the appropriate format necessary for organizing control, planning and operational management.

Laboratory information management systems are full-featured, client-server applications for automation of enterprise laboratories, allowing to organize all laboratory processes in accordance with the requirements of standards.

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