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The system of dispatcher control of production processes provides automatic collection, aggregation, processing and archiving of a large amount of production process data, for subsequent presentation in the appropriate format necessary for organizing control, planning and operational management.

Basic user-defined system functions:

  • automatic real-time database querying, aggregation, processing, transformation and long-term storage of production processes data obtained from process control systems
  • providing convenient access and interface to the relevant information available on the archive data servers to all users, as well as the ability to assess the dynamics of changes in the data of production processes received at different times
  • control user access through the creation of user groups
  • identifying unreliable data
  • combining production data with data from other systems and modules, for example, laboratory management (LIMS), material balance, business accounting, production and scheduling, ERP,
  • presentation of data in office Windows applications in the appropriate format: in the form of simplified graphic mimics, trends, user reports, key production indicators
  • predictive control of production processes based on the relevant model and monitoring results required to provide the planning function.

Experience: Yokogawa ExaQuantum, Japan, Indasoft, Russia.