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The material balance system is intended for calculation, information and provision of material and energy balance of individual process units.

The main input data are average mass costs for all incoming and outgoing flows for a given period of time, as well as stock levels at the beginning and end of the period in all tanks and storage tanks within external boundaries of components. For balance calculation, a model is created for the interconnection of various elements of a production enterprise, based on the topology of the pipeline network and other connections along which materials and energy flows.

Basic user-defined functions of the system:

  • collecting information about material and energy flows at certain intervals from the RMIS-SMS historical data server
  • calculation of material and energy balance based on the collected raw data
  • reconciliation of conflicting measurements
  • calculation of immeasurable flows or unreliable readings;
  • archiving of raw and consistent data in the database
  • the ability to recalculate balances if manual corrections are required after the results are analyzed
  • presentation of material and energy balance data for installation, group settings or the entire plant for any period of time in office Windows applications in the appropriate format
  • reporting on faulty or non-calibrated flowmeters or sensors

Experience: Yokogawa Exaquantum / mPower, Japan.