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We offer project management services in terms of automation, performing the functions of general contractor for automation, including in the project team.

We offer services to develop the concept of building automation systems based on our own experience and modern progressive solutions from leading developers and suppliers in the field of industrial automation and information technologies, including using domestic technologies.

We offer services in development of technical tasks, conditions and requirements, draft designs for various automation systems based on the chosen concept, own experience and modern progressive solutions from leading developers and suppliers in the field of industrial automation and information technologies, including using domestic technologies.

We offer services for expert analysis of existing technical solutions, conditions, terms of reference, technical requirements, with the issuance of comments and recommendations.

List of documentation packages developed by Bona Fide Engineering LLC:

Complete sets of working documentation in accordance with GOST 21.1101-2013 "Basic requirements for design and working documentation" and GOST 21.1703-2000 "Rules for the implementation of working documentation for wire communication equipment":

  • APS - automatic fire alarm,
  • OS - burglar alarm,
  • SOSE - warning and evacuation control system in case of fire,
  • SVN - video surveillance system,
  • SOP - perimeter protection system,
  • ACS is an access control system,
  • NSS - external communication networks,
  • GHS is a loudspeaker and audio notification system,
  • SCS is a structured cabling system,
  • TLF is a telephone system,
  • VTS - dispatching system,
  • SPD is a data transfer system,
  • SOGO - gas hazard identification system,
  • Broadband and radio relay systems

The documentation for the automated control system with GOST 34.201 "Information technology (IT). Set of standards for automated systems. Types, completeness and designation of documents when creating automated systems (with Change No. 1) ":

  • APCS is an automated process control system,
  • ASDAE is an automated dispatch control system for power supply,
  • ASTUE - automated system of technical accounting of energy resources,
  • ASKUE is an automated system for commercial electricity metering,
  • SITEO is a system of interfaces for technological electric power equipment,
  • ASADS OSV - automated dispatching lighting control system,
  • SPT - industrial television system
  • AIS - automatic fire protection system

We offer services for the development / adjustment of application software in the languages of IEC 61131-3.

Automatic fire alarm (APS) (Fire alarm installation)

The APS includes subsystems:

  • Fire alarm.
  • Evacuation management.
  • Water, foam or gas fire extinguishing.
  • Control and access control (ACS)
  • Smoke removal and ventilation control.

The task of MTA:

  • Detection of any signs of ignition (gas, smoke or open fire) at the earliest stages.
  • Transfer of an alarm signal to the console or guard post.
  • Informing staff about the fire.
  •  Management of evacuation.
  • Automatic unlocking of all turnstiles, gates, doors for free evacuation.
  • Automatic return of elevators to the 1st floor and the opening of their doors.
  • Automatic activation of smoke and fire extinguishing systems.

The principle of the APS: Having detected signs of ignition at the earliest stage, APS:

  • Includes an alarm system (voice or light and sound) and evacuation control.
  • Simultaneously transmits control signals to all other subsystems: access control, smoke removal, elevator control, fire extinguishing and forced ventilation systems.

Characteristics of SAM types

  1. Ways of notification depending on the type of premises:
    • Sound (siren or toned spetssignal).
    • Speech (broadcasting previously recorded text).
    • Luminous: Blinking annunciators, signs "Exit".
  2. Separation of the object into warning zones.
  3. Feedback from the guard post.
  4. Centralized management of all building systems.

liquidation of a fire without damage to equipment at facilities with a large number of electrical equipment and high-tech equipment.

Operating principle:
immediately after automatic or manual start-up, the system fills the room with gas. By reducing the concentration of oxygen, this makes combustion impossible.


the localization of smoke and gas, the release of evacuation routes from them, the preservation of human health and life.



  • Gravitational. When an alarm is triggered, the pneumatic actuator opens the dome of an antiaircraft lamp mounted on the roof or in the windows. The lantern draws smoke.
  • Automatic. Draws on the fan by automatically turning on the fans

Organization of technical and administrative support Organization of quality control of work performance;

Mobilization (departure of personnel to an object with special clothing, PPE, special tools, accommodation, meals)

Stage 1 (preparatory work), the equipment is pre-installed (checked), the working documentation is reviewed, comments on equipment, correct installation, etc.

Stage 2 (offline setup) Provision of temporary power supply, preparation for the inclusion of systems: checking CO and software functioning, setting up logical and temporal relationships of alarm systems, protection , blocking and control; checking the correctness of the passage of signals;

Stage 3 (individual tests) constant voltage supply, system activation, software debugging, system operation check for individual testing of process equipment, correction hardware settings

Stage 4 (comprehensive setup) providing interconnections, adjusting and adjusting the characteristics and parameters of individual devices and functional groups, testing electrical equipment; systems of control, control, automation; systems PAZ, together with the technological equipment "under load" within 72 hours

Submission of a technical report (forms or passports for SI, lists of settings, settings, schematic diagrams with corrections, recommendations on the operation of systems) to the Customer

Transmission of power supply systems, automation into operation Signing of acceptance certificates

Closing financial documents

  • Carrying out construction and installation works on instrumentation and automation of sewage pumping stations of storm water: KNS-215/6, KNS-215/9, KNS-218/24. (TANECO objects).
  • Carrying out design, survey, construction and installation and commissioning works on automated process control and instrumentation for the analytical laboratory for petrochemical analysis. 097. (Objects of the OTK TANECO).
  • Carrying out of construction and assembly works on automated process control system, instrumentation and automation, heating and ventilation automation, electric heating in pumping fire extinguishing with tanks of fire water supply tit. 189. (TANECO).
  • Carrying out of commissioning works on the integration of the automated process control system of the added filling stations into the system of accounting operations of the NPO NUO, the project "Technical re-equipment of the automotive loading of light oil products tit.152". (TANECO).
  • Carrying out of commissioning works on the automated process control system, the project "Continuous monitoring and analysis of hydrogen sulphide content in the air on the territory of the tit. 225 (0800). Workshop No. 13 of industrial sewage treatment, water supply and sewerage ". (TANECO).
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