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Organization of technical and administrative support Organization of quality control of work performance;

Mobilization (departure of personnel to an object with special clothing, PPE, special tools, accommodation, meals)

Stage 1 (preparatory work), the equipment is pre-installed (checked), the working documentation is reviewed, comments on equipment, correct installation, etc.

Stage 2 (offline setup) Provision of temporary power supply, preparation for the inclusion of systems: checking CO and software functioning, setting up logical and temporal relationships of alarm systems, protection , blocking and control; checking the correctness of the passage of signals;

Stage 3 (individual tests) constant voltage supply, system activation, software debugging, system operation check for individual testing of process equipment, correction hardware settings

Stage 4 (comprehensive setup) providing interconnections, adjusting and adjusting the characteristics and parameters of individual devices and functional groups, testing electrical equipment; systems of control, control, automation; systems PAZ, together with the technological equipment "under load" within 72 hours

Submission of a technical report (forms or passports for SI, lists of settings, settings, schematic diagrams with corrections, recommendations on the operation of systems) to the Customer

Transmission of power supply systems, automation into operation Signing of acceptance certificates

Closing financial documents