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Automatic fire alarm (APS) (Fire alarm installation)

The APS includes subsystems:

  • Fire alarm.
  • Evacuation management.
  • Water, foam or gas fire extinguishing.
  • Control and access control (ACS)
  • Smoke removal and ventilation control.

The task of MTA:

  • Detection of any signs of ignition (gas, smoke or open fire) at the earliest stages.
  • Transfer of an alarm signal to the console or guard post.
  • Informing staff about the fire.
  •  Management of evacuation.
  • Automatic unlocking of all turnstiles, gates, doors for free evacuation.
  • Automatic return of elevators to the 1st floor and the opening of their doors.
  • Automatic activation of smoke and fire extinguishing systems.

The principle of the APS: Having detected signs of ignition at the earliest stage, APS:

  • Includes an alarm system (voice or light and sound) and evacuation control.
  • Simultaneously transmits control signals to all other subsystems: access control, smoke removal, elevator control, fire extinguishing and forced ventilation systems.