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  • Carrying out construction and installation works on instrumentation and automation of sewage pumping stations of storm water: KNS-215/6, KNS-215/9, KNS-218/24. (TANECO objects).
  • Carrying out design, survey, construction and installation and commissioning works on automated process control and instrumentation for the analytical laboratory for petrochemical analysis. 097. (Objects of the OTK TANECO).
  • Carrying out of construction and assembly works on automated process control system, instrumentation and automation, heating and ventilation automation, electric heating in pumping fire extinguishing with tanks of fire water supply tit. 189. (TANECO).
  • Carrying out of commissioning works on the integration of the automated process control system of the added filling stations into the system of accounting operations of the NPO NUO, the project "Technical re-equipment of the automotive loading of light oil products tit.152". (TANECO).
  • Carrying out of commissioning works on the automated process control system, the project "Continuous monitoring and analysis of hydrogen sulphide content in the air on the territory of the tit. 225 (0800). Workshop No. 13 of industrial sewage treatment, water supply and sewerage ". (TANECO).