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Bona Fide Technology - Design
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List of documentation packages developed by Bona Fide Engineering LLC:

Complete sets of working documentation in accordance with GOST 21.1101-2013 "Basic requirements for design and working documentation" and GOST 21.1703-2000 "Rules for the implementation of working documentation for wire communication equipment":

  • APS - automatic fire alarm,
  • OS - burglar alarm,
  • SOSE - warning and evacuation control system in case of fire,
  • SVN - video surveillance system,
  • SOP - perimeter protection system,
  • ACS is an access control system,
  • NSS - external communication networks,
  • GHS is a loudspeaker and audio notification system,
  • SCS is a structured cabling system,
  • TLF is a telephone system,
  • VTS - dispatching system,
  • SPD is a data transfer system,
  • SOGO - gas hazard identification system,
  • Broadband and radio relay systems

The documentation for the automated control system with GOST 34.201 "Information technology (IT). Set of standards for automated systems. Types, completeness and designation of documents when creating automated systems (with Change No. 1) ":

  • APCS is an automated process control system,
  • ASDAE is an automated dispatch control system for power supply,
  • ASTUE - automated system of technical accounting of energy resources,
  • ASKUE is an automated system for commercial electricity metering,
  • SITEO is a system of interfaces for technological electric power equipment,
  • ASADS OSV - automated dispatching lighting control system,
  • SPT - industrial television system
  • AIS - automatic fire protection system