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Bona Fide Technology - Quality management system (laboratory information management systems)
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Laboratory information management systems are full-featured, client-server applications for automation of enterprise laboratories, allowing to organize all laboratory processes in accordance with the requirements of standards.

The main functions of laboratory information management systems are the automation of laboratory data obtained in the process of testing samples entering the laboratory at different stages of the process, data on the quality of products, input control data and data on the quality of measurements.

Fig. 1 - Schematic diagram of the organization LIMS.

Basic user-defined system functions:

  • account for movement of samples and analyzes
  • formation of the analytical control chart (SAC)
  • entering information on the results of analytical and chromatographic studies in accordance with the SAC
  • performing calculations to obtain the results of indirect measurements;
  • processing of laboratory analyzes
  • representation of the results of laboratory analyzes
  • the formation of laboratory journals;
  • generation of test reports
  • generation of documents on the quality of the object under study: passports, certificates, test reports
  • the formation of the calibration characteristics of the instruments
  • transfer of laboratory analysis data to the subsystem of data collection and transmission
  • implementation of procedures for ensuring the quality of laboratory tests.

Experience: LIMS Labware, USA.